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Training Humans to Speak Dog

  • They Communicate Constantly, Just Differently

  • Learn about Body Language & Touch

  • Learn why Eye Contact (or lack of) is Crucial

  • Change Your Energy; Change Your Dog's Energy

  • Ear position, Tail Position, Focus & Intensity is BIG Communication...Are You Picking Up On It?

  • Facing You vs. Facing Away from You

  • Which Energy Are You Rewarding?

  • Doorways are a Big Deal!

  • 'The Walk' is the Most Important Part of Your Dog's Day

  • If You Focus on Communication 1st & Manners 2nd, then Obedience Becomes Easy!

  • We Teach You ALL This in Your Very First Session!

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Our Services

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Dog Walker at the Park

Group Manners & Obedience Classes

  • Master the Walk ("Heel")

  • Treat Other Dogs w/Respect

  • Greet People Calmly

  • "Sit"

  • "Down"

  • "Stay"

  • "Focus"

  • "Leave It"

  • "Come"

  • "Swing"

  • Get to Work w/Many Dogs

  • Loose Leash Walking

  • Become The PACK LEADER!

Private In-Home Training

  • THOROUGH Evaluation

  • NO Time Limit

  • Session-Based Pricing, Never Hourly

  • Field Trips: Stores, Restaurants, Dog Parks, Hiking 

  • Dog Skills to Match YOUR Lifestyle

  • Manners, Manners, Manners

  • Basic to Advanced Obedience

  • Mastering 'The Walk'

  • Special Restaurant Skills

  • Off Leash Etiquette & Hiking

  • Bike Riding with your Dog

  • Housebreaking / Puppy Protocol

  • Encounters with Other Dogs

  • Jumping, Barking, Nipping & ANY Behavior Issue Solved

  • Training Starts at the Front Door

Home: Services

All About Us

We Teach Humans How to Communicate with Their Dogs in a Whole New Way!

We have been loving and training dogs with PATIENCE, Positive Reinforcement and solid PACK LEADER skills for over 25 years! Your comprehensive and insightful evaluation session gives you as much time as you need to ask every question you can think of, show us the behavior you're experiencing, and learn skills to transform your relationship with your dog in your FIRST SESSION! After we solve your manners and obedience issues, let us teach you how to: Master the Walk, go Hiking Off-Leash, have Impeccable Restaurant Manners, & Treat Other Dogs/People with Calm Respect. Have an issue with crate training, social behavior, or want advanced obedience (voice/hand signal command)? Owner/Founder Brian Wacik is called the "Tucson Dog Whisperer" by his clients (with good reason), & every Associate Trainer is trained by him personally, according to exacting standards.

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Satisfied Pack Leaders. Happier Pets.

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Woman in Yellow

Brian started working with us and Charlie from the minute he arrived at our house. Each training session addressed our needs and got right to the issues we were having with Charlie. He has helped us set goals and gave us homework to implement them. I recommend Brian highly - he is patient, persistent and truly a “dog whisperer”.


Pack Leaders


Barbara Devine

Our Assistant Trainer Barbara comes to us with a wealth of experience from her 10 years in the veterinary field (she knows more than she thinks and her instincts are dead on). She has a magnificent  drive to learn, what appears to be boundless energy (she needs it, as she’s an elite runner) and she is a wonderful Pack Leader to her two current Aussies, Hoka and Tempo.  When she jumps into something, its definitely with both feet, and Brian is filling her schedule with cool dogs, cool folks and big fun!  She has quickly become indispensable to the All Dog Obedience style of Communication 1st, Manners 2nd and then Obedience becomes easy.

Brian Wacik

Labeled the Tucson Dog Whisperer by clients, Brian maintains a full schedule of private, in-home training sessions and group obedience classes as well.

Among the many things he teaches in his casual, laid back style, some of the most important are his Communication 1st, Manners 2nd, Obedience 3rd protocol.  He believes in structure, exercise, affection, & Pack Leadership.  He knows his most valuable tool is first/last/always an abundance of PATIENCE.  He teaches you how to recogize cues, and use Body Language, Eye Contact & Energy - your dog's dominant communication style - to get the behavior you want quickly and easily. "You master communication" he likes to say, "and you can take your dog anywhere; after all, this is Tucson!"

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Thank You...Talk Soon!

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